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15 Posts to Help Turbocharge Your Writing

Here at The Urban Muse, we spend a lot of time swapping tips on how to make more money, improve relationships with editors, and other aspects of running a freelance business. But let's take a step back for a moment and talk about craft. After all, without a solid grasp of language and an ability to wow with words, there isn't much of a writing business to begin with, as one commenter pointed out recently. So, I've combed the blogosphere in search of posts that will help you become a better writer, whether your genre is fiction, journalism, or marketing copy. Here are my picks (as well as one post of my own): General Writing

  • The 3 Basic Aspects of Showing-Not-Telling
  • 5 Fun Ways to Improve Your Writing
  • Repeat After Me: Ridding Your Writing and Speaking of Repetition
  • 3 Edgy Little Tips to Make Your Story More Compelling
  • 73 Ways to Become a Better Writer
  • Copywriting First Aid: How to Revive Near-Death Content
  • Emotional Benefits: Are You Using Them Enough?
  • 6 Ways to Liven Up Your Copy
  • A Copywriter’s Rant: Marketing with Cheesy Clich├ęs and Lazy Words
  • Unconventional and Brilliant [Writing]: Make Characters Out of Your Clients
  • Details, Details: How to Sharpen Up Your Queries and Articles
  • Be a Better Journalist by Unlearning What You Know
  • Writing Basics: the Deck
  • Writing basics: the Nut Graph
  • Writing Basics: the Quote
Writers: do you agree or disagree with the advice above? Anything else you'd add? Flickr photo courtesy of Phinzup


15 Posts to Help Turbocharge Your Writing {writing}