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Open Thread: Do You Blog About Your Clients?

Earlier this week, my article about the intersection of blogging and dating appeared on's online dating magazine. The article covers some of the pros and cons of blogging about your dates, how to avoid revealing TMI, and what to do when someone blogs about you. All of which has me thinking about how to handle the urge to blog about clients.

Personally, I do sometimes post about clients and editors I work with, but it's usually to demonstrate a point about how I handled a certain situation or serve as a springboard for discussing a larger freelance topic. That's where I get most of my inspiration! I never name names (even when someone has slighted me and I'm boiling with anger), and I always use broad strokes so that it's not totally obvious who I'm talking about.

A few times I've saved a post as a draft, then gone back later to delete it (when it doubt, save your draft and reread it once you've calmed down). The act of writing the post is often theurapeutic in itself so I don't really need to publish a rant. Overall, though, I try to keep the tone upbeat, and so far my blogging hasn't been an issue with any of my clients or editors.

What about you? Has blogging ever jeopardized one of your personal or professional relatioships? And with blogs and social media encouraging us to tell all, where do you draw that line between your public and private spheres?

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Open Thread: Do You Blog About Your Clients? + social media