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Open Thread: Does Location Matter to Freelance Writers?

Real estate agents are fond of this famous saying: "location, location, location." But one of the perks of freelance writing is that you can work from virtually anywhere with a wireless connection: a beachside cabana in the Caribbean, a ski lodge in the Alps, a coffee shop in San Fran. Or can you? Sometimes the challenges of traveling make it impossible for a freelancer to maintain the same output as at home. Maybe that coffee shop has a spotty wifi signal or doesn't have enough electrical outlets to go around. Or maybe your editor assigns you to profile someone local and expects you to meet them face-to-face (so much for quietly slipping off to Aruba and keeping up with assignments). Even if you're firmly planted in your hometown, there are geographical considerations there, too. On the one hand, living in a small town gives you access to interesting stories that editors at big-time magazines would otherwise never know about. On the flip side, though, your opportunities for face-to-face networking are more limited. For me personally, I've found that Boston is close enough to NYC that I can easily hop on a bus to meet editors or attend a conference, but I miss being able to regularly hobnob during happy hour. Then again, there are plenty of editors and clients here, and I'm occasionally chosen for assignments based on my ability to tap local sources. What about you? Have you found your location to be handicap or a help? Why?

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Open Thread: Does Location Matter to Freelance Writers? + sources