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Open Thread: How Is 2011 Treating Your Business?

We're a few weeks past the half way point of 2011, so now's a good time to check in and see how your business is doing. Are you faring better or worse than last year? Have you lost or gained any clients? Made it part of the way to your goals?Fellow freelancer Kelly James-Enger is running an anonymous survey on freelance writing income, which I encourage you to take, but I'd like to talk more broadly about the current freelance landscape and your observations rather than focusing on money. Last year was my best year yet incomewise, but I worked my tail off and nearly burned myself out in the process. So, this year I've made the choice to prioritize friends and family and personal time over accepting rush assignments that stress me out and keep me from the things I care about. I'm still earning enough to more than cover my expenses, but I'm being more selective and offering referrals when it's not the right fit for me. I've also picked up some new clients since the beginning of the year and dropped a few who weren't a good fit for me. What about you? Have you noticed any changes to the freelance landscape during the first part of 2011? What's your outlook on the rest of the year?Flickr photo courtesy of sushi♥ina

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Open Thread: How Is 2011 Treating Your Business? + open thread