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Open Thread: What Are Your Biggest Distractions?

From addictive websites to annoying neighbors, there are plenty of distractors vying for our attention when we really ought to be writing. I know a few people who are obsessed with FrontierVille, but my vice tends to be email, Twitter, and sometimes Facebook. These sites do have a work-related component, so that's how I justify it to myself. But really, who needs to check Twitter every 20 minutes? Certainly not me!Zen Habits recently published a post with 20 Strategies to Defeat the Need to Do Useful Tasks. It instructs you to identify your time wasters and focus on more important tasks. I'm trying, I swear! But like they say, old habits die hard, and I need to get over this fear that if I'm not constantly reloading my email or checking Twitter, I might miss something important. What are your biggest distractions and what are you doing to defeat them?

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Open Thread: What Are Your Biggest Distractions? + open thread