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Welcome to Urban Muse 2.0!

Last week I broke up with my boyfriend just after our one year anniversary (the irony is that I had just finished an article on "Couples Vacations" two days prior). This week I have a cool new template so I can reinvent myself as even sassier and more fabulous than before. I'm thrilled with the new look that Goofy Girl created!On a more humorous note, there's this blog review site where I wanted to submit my blog after the redesign, but I couldn't find the link. I tried googling various phrases like "blog reviewers" and "woman reviewing blogs" until I got so frustrated that I googled "review my blog, darn it!" The correct link? ReviewMyBlog ! As the ex used to say, "sometimes you're the dumbest smart person I know."

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Welcome to Urban Muse 2.0! + musings on blogging