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Everything Else You Ever Wanted to Know About Email Newsletters

Today concludes All About Email week. In case you missed any of the earlier posts, here's a recap:Day 1: How Email Newsletters Benefit Your Freelance Business Day 2: Choosing an Email Newsletter Provider Day 3: Building Your Email Subscriber List Day 4: Creating Newsletter ContentHave I lost you yet? Good, you're still reading! To round out the information I've already shared, below you'll find some of my favorite resources and blog posts relating to email newsletters. Make It Pop Blog: Published by the talented peeps at Smith-Harmon, this blog is chock full of colorful and innovative examples of email campaigns along with brief commentary on why they work (or don't work). Most of their examples are from the retail world, and if this is an industry that interests you, I'd also recommend The Retail Email Blog as a daily companion.
Newsletter or Blog? Have Both!: This thoughtful and thorough post outlines the pros and cons of blogs and newsletters. It also offers some good suggestions for integrating both.
Add a Newsletter to Your Site: In this post, writer Thursday Bram offers practical advice on using a newsletter to promote your writing business. The post was part of a month-long series called "Market Your Freelance Writing in 31 Days," and Thursday practiced what she preached by sending out an email each day to complement and augment the tips on her blog.
E-Mail Newsletter Dos and Don'ts: This article from the May/June issue of Writer's Digest includes email advice specifically tailored to authors ("do sent out a newsletter when you have a new book out," "don't assume you're smarter than the rest of us").
Chris G.'s Email Marketing Tips: This series includes an overview of what email marketing is all about, plus tips on tracking, writing subject lines, and deciding what to write about.
What other resources should be added to this list? And are there other topics you'd like to see covered in a future series?
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Everything Else You Ever Wanted to Know About Email Newsletters + Tips & Tricks