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One of "those days"

I took today off so I could recover from my trip to DC and take a writing class with a certain essayist whom I admire. Despite landing an hour late last night, I woke up frighteningly early this morning (purely out of habit) and I managed to make breakfast, wash two loads of laundry, and visit my favorite used book store before class. I put on a short denim skirt and wandered around campus feeling like a young, bright-eyed co-ed with all the time in the world to sit in coffee shops and muse over Milton.Until I got to class and realized that I hadn't printed out three copies of an essay to share with the class. Then it really felt like college again! Luckily, instead of putting a big red X by my name, the instructor agreed to let me print a copy in the office (I have entire volumes of writing stored in Gmail). But I really, desperately wanted to make a good impression on this woman, so I spent most of the next two hours thinking "gosh, you really blew it, Susan!" Note to self: always bring writing samples to a writing class. Duh!

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One of "those days" + writing class