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Open Thread: What's On Your Business Card?

Recently, I had a discussion with another writer over email about what to put on a business card. As freelancers, we have the luxury of choosing whatever title we want: journalist, author, independent writer, communications consultant, wordsmith, copy diva, you name it. People have very strong opinions about what they call themselves. Some opt for the phrase entrepreneurial journalist instead of freelance writer, because "freelance" carries a stigma in some circles. Some carry around multiple business cards to match their multiple freelance personas . I keep things simple with one business card that says, "Freelance Writer & Professional Communicator." That speaks to the fact that I write a variety of materials, not just articles, but hopefully it's not too in your face about the fact that I sometimes do copywriting . Am I worried that people will think I'm the kind of freelancer who sits around her apartment watching TV and waiting for clients to email her? Not really. Anyone who's talked to me for more than 5 seconds knows I'm a go-getter who's usually juggling multiple projects. Fancy or cutesy job titles may work for some, but let's not over-think this, people. I don't include my address, because I work from home and don't want everyone I meet at a networking event knowing where I live. And since I move about every 18 months, omitting my address means not having to update my business cards as often. Besides, most of my clients are virtual so my address doesn't matter until I submit my invoice. I explained this to the guy who told me he'd never hire someone whose address wasn't listed on her business card because listing an address somehow legitimizes the business. He wasn't having it. What do you think? Do you include a physical address on your business cards? What's your preferred title? Do tell! Flickr photo courtesy of Jaaron

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Open Thread: What's On Your Business Card? + open thread