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Working On-Site

Earlier this summer when I researched on-site gigs, the logistics never seemed right for me. These projects always required me to schlep out to the 'burbs or sign my life away for the next six months or write about sneakers and sportswear (sorry, Reebok, but I'm not the right gal for that job). Then, this week I was offered a short-term copywriting project for a shopping website right in downtown Boston. Sign me up!
No, this doesn't mean I'm renouncing the life of a renegade work-from-homer. Nor does it mean I will stop blogging or give up my other projects. On the contrary, I suspect that this will offer plenty of new ideas and blog fodder. It just might be a little more sporadic than usual.
The pay's not too shabby, so I will be able to afford some time off after to regroup and refocus (hopefully repainting the offensively orange hallway in my apartment, among other projects). I'm even looking forward to dusting off my cute young professional clothes for a few weeks and taking strolls through Boston Commons after work.
Jennifer over at CatalystBlogger wrote a post a few months ago about working on-site vs. working from home. I'll be sure to weigh in with my two cents later on!

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