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Bon Voyage!

Starting tomorrow, I will be offline for several days soaking up the Caribbean sun and trying not to burn. But don't worry, because I have some excellent guest bloggers lined up for Guest Blogger's Month in February. They range from up-and-comers to freelancers who have contributed to US Airways magazine and the New York Times. There's a self-titled suburban muse, a set of twin translators, and a few newly pubbed authors in the mix.
Once I return, I plan to pop in here and there with a few posts of my own, but either way I hope that you'll continue reading and commenting for my guest bloggers. And if you want to contribute a guest post but haven't had a chance to contact me, then shoot me an email with "February blogger" in the subject line and I'll schedule your post after I get caught up on email.Happy writing!Photo courtesy of Andries3

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Bon Voyage! + reading