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Five Ways to Promote Your Blog

Unfortunately, "build it and they will come" doesn’t apply to blogging, as you can see from today's Will Write for Chocolate comic. If you want people to come, you have to create some buzz. Here are a few of the tips I’ve picked up along the way:

1. Add your link to all your profiles. This includes your email signature, your profile page on MySpace, Facebook, Yelp, AIM, and anywhere else. Its not too obtrusive, but people DO click on it out of curiosity. Also include the URL in your alumni notices, if appropriate.
2. Comment Early and Often. Commenting on other blogs in your niche is not only good karma, it’s also a good way to get noticed. Be sure to log into your blogger account or leave your URL so they can check out your site. Hopefully this will lead to item #3.

3. Create reciprocal links. Blogging is all about linking. Add like-minded bloggers to your blogroll and ask them do the same (leave a few comments first so they’ll know who you are). Clicking through blogrolls is a great way to discover new ideas and new bloggers. Also link to and comment on posts from those blogs that interest you.

4. Google/Google Alerts: Regularly google your name and your blog's name so you’ll know when people are mentioning you and leave a comment thanking them. It's how I found this blog. Try searching for both "" and "My Blog Name." If that’s too time-consuming for you, then sign up for Google Alerts.

5. Register with blog directories. A few examples: BlogCatalog, BlogHer, BlogWise, DelightfulBlogs, and Technorati. If you’re just starting out, then these can also be a good source for your blogroll.

Here are some more ideas:
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And great ideas for your general marketing needs: InkThinker's No Frill Freelance Marketing

Anything I've missed?

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Five Ways to Promote Your Blog + Tips & Tricks