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Freelancers Unite!

Just like in the middle school cafeteria, freelancers tend to fraternize with their own kind. Writers talk to other writers. Designers compare notes with other designers. Coders congregate with other coders.

Well, it's time we banded together.

We can all relate to non-paying clients and the need to find the next project, so I'm organizing a Boston Freelancer's Meetup next week. We'll swap survival tips, dish about the freelance life, and, of course, give ourselves an excuse to leave the house.

I've posted the details on Yelp, but all freelancers are welcome, so if you're not a member, just send me an email or leave a comment so I'll know how many people to expect. Hope to see some of you Bostonians next week!

Flickr photo courtesy of Librarian by Day

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Freelancers Unite! + Tips & Tricks