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Yesterday I met with some of the young moguls behind Dormaid for an article I’m writing. It seemed like your standard story about college students who launch a business until the CEO emailed me that morning to confirm our meeting, which tipped me off that these guys really have their act together (I don’t think I’ve ever had an interview subject send me a confirmation). I hopped on the bus, waited in traffic, then called to say I was running late. "No problem," said Mike the CEO. "We’ll send a car to pick you up."
Mike and Rob’s apartment, a.k.a. corporate headquarters, was surprisingly clean for a group of college boys (ok, not so surprising when you consider that they run a very lucrative cleaning business for the college market), and I was pretty impressed. Ever the gentlemen, they offered me water in one of those big red cups that are used for beer pong (very classy, guys). Their maturity and enthusiasm for the business quickly won me over, but of course these guys are pros at winning over the freshman mom demographic. Hey, it’s not everyday I get chauffeured around by cute, young entrepreneurs from Harvard (just kidding, Ben, I’m still partial to the men of Penn). Stay tuned for the feature article later this spring...

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Interview Outtakes + musings on life