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Since I have the day off from my day job (thanks, Dr. King!), I planned on spending the day finishing some writing projects and getting those query letters out. I'm an obsessive list-writer, so here's what I had down for today:9:30-10am: breakfast and blogging10-11am: query letter writing11-11:30: phone interview for article in progress11:30-12: incorporate quotes into article12-12:45pm: lunch and reading blogs12:45-1pm: clean-up and take out trash1-3pm: complete articles in progress3-3:30pm break3:30-5pm: more query letter writing and research
The forecast called for snow, so I should have been free from distractions and ready to buckle down and write. But things got off to an inauspicious start when I overslept (hey, this girl needs her beauty sleep). Here's how I predict the rest of the day will go:10:30-11am: blogging and reading of blogs11:15am: what phone interview?11:28-12: phone interview and incorporating of quotes12:02-12:15pm: pondering if I have new messages on facebook... 12:16-12:22pm: checking facebook12:30: still on facebook12:33: lunch!1:05: call from the bf (what? its long distance, so we need our phone time)1:33: still on the phone... 2:01: finally start query letters
You get the idea... Now let's see if I can prove myself wrong!

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