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Last weekend I interviewed the founder and PR person at Brooks Pond, a local business that creates upscale accessories for children. I admit I was a little daunted when my editor called me with the assignment, because, in case you didn't get the memo, I don't have children. The closest I've come is my adorable second cousin once removed who lives in Baltimore (her name is my middle name, so we share a special bond). I was on the phone with my mother beforehand going "what kind of questions should one ask about baby blankets? what does one even look for in a baby blanket? Not flammable? Check." Someday when I have kids, I'm going to need around-the-clock supervision. Not for the kids. For me.All in all, the interview went well.The two women were smart, savvy, and after I'd asked all my questions about "how does this work?" and "what's a Baby Bjorn?" they asked me about my writing. I tried to sum up all the random assignments and unrelated projects I was working on, and then I realized something. I like writing about money. I've written stories about budget travel, budget beauty, budget gifts, and budget decorating. I've interviewed the founders of Dormaid, Spark Crafts, and now Brooks Pond. I may not always follow my own advice (I think I once bounced a check in 2002), but talking about business plans, budgets, and 403Bs gets me excited, especially when the other person is excited, too. Not that I'm going to drop everything to go work for Business Week (I'm no finance whiz and I think they might frown on my history of bouncing checks), but it's nice to know that I have a go-to subject that I'm good at (yes, I'm that annoying friend who bugs you to enroll in your company's 401k and reminds you that generic Cheerios cost $1.50 less than the regular ones) and excited about. In fact, I just sent off a few more queries on this very topic... wish me luck!

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Cue the Lightbulb + writing about money