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Good News for Susie Co-Ed?

My friend Lyn sent me a link to "The Romantic Life of Brainiacs" in last week's Boston Globe Magazine. We rejoiced in the author's conclusion that a Harvard MBA hasn't kept many Mass. women from finding a mate. Michael Noer over at Forbes would disagree. The New York Times covered this supposed trend (women staying unattached longer - ever heard of Queen Elizabeth I?) last month. They later admitted that their statistics may have been a little skewed in the aptly titled Can a 15-year old be a 'woman without a spouse'? Perhaps in some parts of the antebellum South, but here in Boston in 2007, you're not an old maid unless you're wearing high-button shoes and using phrases like "gentleman caller" (theatre productions of "The Glass Menagerie" do not count). Or at least that's what I tell myself, because there's another wedding of high school friends this weekend. Here's to smart women everywhere!

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Good News for Susie Co-Ed? + musings on life