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Guest Post: 5 Reasons Blogging Helps Me Write the Cyber Highway

By Michele L. Tune

When I first hit publish on Blogger, I was mortified. What had I done? In a whim I had created Writing the Cyber Highway , a blog where I hoped to share my struggles, triumphs, goals, and successes for all the world to see. But now I was apprehensive. Could I do it? Could I really be a "blogger?" I mean, I write. Is that so different? Before losing my nerve and deleting the entire thing, I posted immediately, welcoming my cyber neighbors to come see my new virtual home.

That was July, 2007. Now I'm a little more comfortable with my blogging abilities.

I decided it was time to share five reasons blogging has enhanced my writing life.

1. Blogging frequently, for me, has made my writing better. How? Don't you remember an adult from your youth reminding you: Practice makes perfect! This is so true. By posting blog entries several times a week - even daily at times - I've honed my writing skills. I may not be the best writer out there, but I'm more polished than I was pre-blog. Some of my posts have even sparked ideas for articles - articles that sold!

2. I've found a new confidence. In retrospect, I've always had hermit tendencies. I'd rather steal away to a quiet room than face the world. Although I'm a very compassionate and caring gal, I need "my time", and a lot of it. Too much noise clutters a writer's head - this writer anyway. So, by conversing with other bloggers, as well as honing my writing skills, my confidence has risen to new heights.

3. It has been a wonderful form of networking. I've met amazing writers along the cyber highway and am making lasting friendships all around the globe. It's a beautiful experience to glean from my blogger friends and offer support and advice when needed. According to the feedback I receive, my readers are inspired by me as well. They also offer encouragement, gentle criticism, tips, and advice because they truly desire to see me go to the next level.

4. I've learned a little HTML, which is a bonus for some writing/blogging gigs. It's fascinating and I glean from those who know it and are willing to give step-by-step instruction and as I learn, I share the knowledge with my readers.

5. Getting discovered. One of the main reasons I started my blog was because I read about a girl (I wish I could remember where!) who was blogging from her quaint home in the woods, while an editor was following her every word! The writer never ever even knew it, but eventually the editor contacted her asking to buy reprint rights for several of her posts and asked her to write an article about the process of blogging, I believe it was, and a budding relationship transpired. That girl now has a couple of books under her belt as well as some pretty nice publishing credits. I haven't been discovered like that, no, but my intuition served me well. My newest client found my blog, followed it, checked out my clips, and has hired me to write about a topic I'm so passionate about!

If you don't have a blog already, I urge you to start one. It may very well be the best choice you've ever made.

Michele L. Tune is a Freelance Writer and Blogger. Find her at or Writing the Cyber Highway.

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Guest Post: 5 Reasons Blogging Helps Me Write the Cyber Highway + writing