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Love is in the Air

"Remember back in junior high when you filled out a bubble sheet with questions like "how do you eat your Reece's?" and "which character from Fraggle Rock do you most identify with?" Then for a mere two dollars, the student council told you who should be your Valentine. Even then, I was unlucky in love. My little brother appeared at the top of my list with 88% compatibility."
~Excerpt from my (still) unpublished essay,
"Confessions of a Former Online
Dater"Thankfully, a few things have changed over the last ten years. I wrote this other article that did get published, and since it has a Valentine's Day theme, I thought I would shop it around for some reprints. Unfortunately, I started too late for this year, but it's on my calendar to try again in the fall. Note to fellow writers: make notes in your little black book or whatever calendar you use to remind yourself to query seasonal story ideas well in advance. In fact, this website will help you brainstorm ideas year round. I learned that April is National Volunteer Month, and March 8 is International Women's Day!Here are a few more Valentine-themed articles from around the world:

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Whether you're single, married, engaged, divorced, widowed, separated or still trying to figure out "what the heck are we?" I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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