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5 Q's Update

I've been posting interviews with other writers on and off for the past year. I think we've all gleaned some insights from their wisdom (at least I know I have), but the results of my informal poll show that's not the content you're most interested in. And honestly, I'm happy to drop that from my to do list. I will still interview writers when the mood strikes, but not on a weekly basis and not necessarily on Wednesdays (I might shake things up and post on a Monday - who knows?).

But... There are two 5 Q's alums who have exciting new projects going on, so I thought I'd highlight them this week.

First, Jen A. Miller's guide to The Jersey Shore just came out. Jen is a busy writer who has contributed to The New York Times, Woman's Day, and Psychology Today, among other places. She's also an avid book reviewer. In case you missed our interview back in December, you can read it here.

Second, the paperback edition of Allison Winn Scotch's The Department of Lost & Found is available this week. Allison has contributed to many of the glossies, and she generously shares advice with other aspiring writers at Ask Allison. I read the hardcover edition of her novel and thoroughly enjoyed it. Allison participated in 5 Q's last May.

Happy reading!

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5 Q's Update + writers on writing