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Big News (not involving a ring)

On Friday I told my boss that I'm making the jump to writing full time. I couldn't blog about it until I told my coworkers and created a plan for the transition, but now I can finally share this exciting bit of news with all of you!

It's funny because earlier in the week, someone blogged about how two weeks is too much notice. I respectfully disagree, because I'll be consulting part time for my company for at least another month after I step down from my position. It's the perfect set-up for me and my coworkers, because they won't need to panic if they have questions and I won't have to worry about bringing in enough money during my first month or so on my own.

But even funnier are the reactions I've gotten. A few weeks ago when I emailed friends to say "we need to meet for drinks, I have big news on the horizon," not one but TWO of them replied with "You're engaged aren't you?"

And tonight, when I met Penelope Trunk for dinner, one of the first things she said was, "did you get engaged?" Must be the glow of someone who knows her days of riding the subway during rush hour and working out of a cube are almost over.

A few people were concerned for my well being ("what happens if you get sick?" "won't you be lonely at home all day?"), but most of my coworkers have been remarkably supportive. I was worried that some of them wouldn't see freelance writing as a legitimate career path, but after reading No More Mondays, I decided it didn't matter. This was something I needed to do, and I was going to do it.

I'll admit I've had a few moments in the last few days where I've been tempted to log onto Monster and search for a new job (which is silly because I could certainly resume my old post), but mostly I feel an incredible sense of liberation and relief.

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Big News (not involving a ring) + reading