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Guest Post: How I Built a Popular Blog for Women

By Clara Freeman
As writers we oftentimes filter images of accomplishing our goals from start to finish in our heads. It's uncanny how the subconscious mind works as we view our vision to completion. Writers have in a sense already written the story before actually putting fingers to keyboard, or pen to paper. How great for creatives as we put our imagination to work! Having a vision for doing great works is a positive step in the creative process, however, it takes action to get the job done. Sometimes the effort to educate, inform, entertain, provoke action, & bring awareness to others can becomes a daunting task in an attempt to guide imagery into reality.

Oprah Winfrey is famous for encouraging those 'aha' moments in life where seemingly a light bulb goes off in your head and you're suddenly aware of what you should or shouldn't be doing with your life. It's no different for writers. In 2004, I read the book Awakening at Midlife by Kathleen A. Brehony and my 'aha' moment began! I wanted to learn more, seek more, inform more women about what they could expect on living their life's 'truth' when embarking upon this great journey into midlife, "how could I go about doing this?"

There were things I needed to work on for myself before attempting to guide other women to self-awareness. I began to take note of life lessons in my own journey... find answers to questions that arose from my life in transition and write through them. Sharing my life experiences via online venues & in print began the process. Over the years, I became adapt at answering questions from women of all ages seeking sage advice. My work focused upon women issues and those I viewed as the "underdog". In 2008, my Authentic Woman Blog was introduced to folks in the blogosphere to a receptive community of women and men interested in helping to better understand the lives of their women... My sense of accomplishment feels awesome! What self-imposed guidelines that helped to make my blog for women a success?

1. Passion/purpose

2. Accountability

2. Self-examination

3. Audience

4. Using a personable/sometimes personal approach

5. Truth/keeping it real with my audience

6. Spirit/ In my opinion, a power greater than ourselves forms our universe

In 2010 the focus for Authentic Woman at wisewoman2 is clear; continue to lend an ear and offer insights/inspiration to women embarking upon a journey to self-discovery...

What's your passion/purpose? How have you set about creating your vision?

Clara Freeman is a nurse, freelance writer and blogger. Her essay, "Second Time Around" was included in the book When One Door Closes-Reflections From Women On Life's Turning Points by Terri S. Nelson. Clara's blog for women can be viewed at

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Guest Post: How I Built a Popular Blog for Women + success