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What To Do With Old Business Cards

Remember how cool it was the first time you got business cards? I was so excited that I took the old cards left by my predecessor and pasted my information on top of hers.

Ah, how times change...

Since I left my job, I discovered a stash of my old business cards that are now obsolete (don't worry, I have business cards with my freelance info, too). It seems a shame to waste perfectly good paper, so I came up with a couple of alternative uses for business cards:

Bookmarks: I have quite a collection of bookmarks, but somehow I can never find them. Business cards to the rescue!

To-do lists: they are perfect, pocket-sized option for scribbling a few notes (assuming I don't loose them afterwards).

Gift tags: the right size but probably the wrong sentiment. Doesn't exactly scream "Happy Father's Day," does it?

Are there any more creative ideas I've missed?

For those who prefer to actually use their business cards, has an article on Smart Ways to Use Your Business Card.

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