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Freelance writing is a feast or famine kind of industry. One week you're drowning in work, and the next you're practically dying of boredom. Here are some things you can do during your slow periods (or when you just need a break from assignments) to feel productive and work towards your marketing goals.

  1. Re-evaluate your website. Is the copy on your homepage still engaging or has it gotten a little stale? Do you have new clips to add your portfolio section? Can you get new testimonials from editors or clients? All things to think about when you have the time.
  2. Update your profiles in facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social networking sites. See if you can add a new photo, get more specific about a recent project, or look for friends to connect with. What's that, you say? You're not on any of these sites just yet? Time to join web 2.0, my friends!
  3. Catch up on blog and forum reading. Reading and commenting on blogs and forums is a great way to build relationships with other freelancers.
  4. Email your favorite editors. If you're actively seeking assignments, then you could mention that you're available and ask if they have any current editorial needs. If you're enjoying a slower paced work flow but want to stay on their radar, you could email them an article with a personal note ("thought you'd enjoy this essay" or "check out this piece on new trends in food writing").
  5. Take a class. Taking a class is a great way to hone your skills, branch out into a different genre or just hang out with other writers. It doesn't even have to be a writing course, because you could find material for new articles in that kickboxing or cooking class, too.
  6. Hone those queries. Use your downtime to read through queries that haven't landed you assignments and see which ones are worth a second look. Also look through your list of article ideas, and choose a few to develop into queries.

Anything I've forgotten? Leave a comment and let me know!

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